Integrate Introhive with your current technology to uncover your business’s relationship capital and accelerate growth by improving your understanding of the nature of the relationships you have with your clients and prospects.
Intelligence, everywhere you need it

Introhive integrates your account, contact, lead and opportunity records with the ubiquitous mobile and email platforms your people prefer to use. This means everyone has a complete picture of key accounts and contacts, no matter where they are, and even if they aren’t logged into your CRM.

Relationship intelligence automation instantly turns data into actions your team can take to drive revenue. It takes CRM light-years beyond a mere sales-reporting tool to a powerful instrument that helps sales and business development professionals orchestrate relationships and close deals faster.

How? It gives your team knowledge that would be challenging, if not impossible, to gain on their own – a crystal-clear, 360-degree view of their marketplace. This is achieved by collecting all of the communication between your organization and the organizations of your customers and prospects. This includes:

  • Transactional data
  • Social contacts
  • Activities
  • Behavioral information

Relationship intelligence automation instantly turns this data into actionable insights your team can use to accelerate sales and strengthen relationships with clients. The automation aspect collects more data, which means more intelligence, which means your team can easily uncover new opportunities. To achieve this without automation would be extremely time-consuming, if not impossible.

In essence, relationship intelligence automation delivers the right information in a usable format at the right time to help you build stronger relationships and close more client business.

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