Instantly See Where You Stand in the Marketplace with Relationship Analytics

Every business needs to unlock new opportunities and protect key accounts. Introhive’s relationship scoring algorithm helps you do both. Relationship reporting empowers you to stay on top of all your company’s key contacts and accounts. Stop reacting and start proactively managing your company’s most important relationships by integrating relationship data into existing reports and dashboards.

Introhive Relationship Analytics stands apart because:

  • It’s never stale. Instead, it provides up-to-the moment insight so you know at a glance where your prospects are on the sales cycle and how effectively you’re engaging existing customers.
  • It’s automated. Introhive does away with manual data entry. Instead, your contact and client records will automatically sync with data from external data sources such as emails, calendars and social networks.
  • It’s accurate. There’s no opportunity for human error or gaps, so you can rest assured that the relationship score is spot on.
  • It makes CRM data actionable. Introhive relationship analytics transforms your CRM’s data into actionable information. At a glance, you’ll see where customers and prospects have been, and where they’re going. Most importantly, you will have the intelligence needed to continually strengthen your organization’s most important relationships.

When you need to improve your organization’s standing with a client or contact, Introhive Relationship Analytics can make it happen.

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