Get the Highest Return on Your CRM Investment with Customer Relationship Automation

Do away with manual data entry and focus on what matters. While CRMs have gone to great lengths to reduce data entry, Introhive has all but eliminated it, resulting in cleaner, more comprehensive and more powerful data.

Introhive syncs with your existing CRM system to automatically update client and contact records. We pull in data from a broad set of internal and external data sources such as emails, calendars and social networks. There’s no manual data entry, effectively eliminating:

  • Information gaps and human error.
  • 5 hours per CRM user, per week. That’s an extra month for each CRM user, each year.

Best of all, customer relationship automation makes your team more proficient because everyone has a 360-degree view of your marketplace. When CRM data becomes actionable, your team can immediately use it to boost client retention, identify cross-selling opportunities and accelerate sales..

That’s because Introhive Customer Relationship Automation is:

  • Packaged so that your team can easily understand and use the data.
  • Delivered to your team on the platforms they use most, such as email or mobile.

Predictive because it answers your team’s most important question: Is this relationship moving in the right direction? Either way, your team has the data it needs to take appropriate action.

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Automatic activity sync:

Introhive automatically recognizes the activities that should be logged in your CRM. More importantly, we make recording all these activities a snap (or a click, to be more accurate). It’s so easy that end users can’t help but keep everything accurate and up-to-date.

Automatic contact sync:

Never miss an important connection again. With Introhive, all your company’s important contacts are automatically synced to your CRM. It’s the quick and easy way to stay on top of your relationship-driven business.