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23 Apr: Beyond Physicians: Growing Pharma Sales Using Relationship Maps

Times are changing for the U.S. pharmaceutical sales market. Companies and sales teams are challenged with the controversy of the opioid epidemic and the advancement of marijuana legalization. And while a big chunk (42 percent) of sales continue to go through doctors’ offices, the on-the-rise areas of focus are government agencies, managed-care organizations and the patients themselves.

This change in prospect focus is top of mind for executives, with one survey even rating their concern with the shift ahead of new product development.

Branching out into new sales areas means seeking out and building new connections with an…


24 Apr: 6 Social Selling Tools to Power Up Your Sales Pipeline

In today’s digital economy, many progressive sales and marketing leaders know that social selling provides a serious advantage to those who use it. Without it, your business development team will generate fewer leads, close fewer deals, and struggle to make new contacts.

Why is that? Social media is what your clients are using for research when making purchasing decisions.

According to a study of B2B buyers by Harvard Business Review, 53% of buyers turn to social media for assessing tools and technologies and when making a final selection. If that’s not enough data, consider that B2B buyers often have already…


04 Apr: What Your Local Chinese Restaurant Could Teach You About CRM

Friday night, and after a busy week for myself and the family, we decided to order a Chinese takeaway for our dinner.

We’ve used the same local Chinese take-away for a few years now. The food is always nice, the staff are friendly, and they have a speedy home delivery. All things considered, it’s a decent value for my money, once or twice a month.

But it’s the personalised customer service that’s really caught my attention. And, after 10 years helping law firms with client relationship management initiatives, it got me thinking about the lessons the legal sector could…


30 Jan: Client Relationship Advice You Can’t Ignore From Business Development Professional Alan Mercer

Few people know the exact challenges that business development professionals face on a day-to-day basis. Luckily for us, Introhive’s new Account Director, Alan Mercer, is one of those unique individuals.

Having spent the last decade in the legal sector as a legal marketing and business development professional, Alan has devised and implemented a range of successful new business and client development initiatives. He’s faced and solved many of the common challenges around growing a profitable client base by understanding, strengthening, and leveraging existing relationships.

With all of this experience under his belt, it goes without saying that Alan has unique…

07 May: Leveraging Relationships – It’s More Than Just LinkedIn

As we wrote a couple weeks ago in our blog post Don’t Take Short Cuts With Social Selling meaningful relationships can be a great source for generating leads and accelerating sales cycles. These relationships aren’t simply created by sending a single tweet or InMail message though. Jill Rowley nailed it on the head when she recently tweeted “Social Selling is building RELATIONSHIPS; not amassing followers”.

Whether it is life-long friends, family members, past and current co-workers or business acquaintances, you’re surrounded by connections. Companies also recognize the potential of connections when it comes to business development – searching LinkedIn accounts and profiles…

15 Apr: Don’t Take Shortcuts with Social Selling

Over the past year, social selling has become a hot topic in many business conversations. Selling is no longer about being an interrupter – people don’t often appreciate cold calls that interrupt their lives and work schedules. Now, the emphasis is on identifying and nurturing relationships so you are there when it matters most to clients, instead of only reaching out when it is most convenient for you.

Nurturing business relationships isn’t anything new. What has changed though, is the emergence of social media over the past 5 years and how it has helped eliminate the barriers of connecting with…


09 Jul: Why Social Selling Is A Must-Have Skill

Long before the internet and social media, people bought and sold products and services in social ways. Consumers asked their friends, families and neighbors for advice and recommendations before they made big purchases over the phone or in person. Distraught customers found solace in drafting firm letters of disappointment for manufacturers and community papers. Sales professionals needed sharp “people skills” and the confidence to knock on strangers’ doors, drum up conversations, make the prospects kid like them and convince people that they needed whatever it was they were selling.

Sales has always been social at its core. Or at…

17 Jun: New Slideshare – Social Selling: What Everyone Needs to Know

What’s changed in sales? Oh, just everything. 15 years ago almost all B2B sales started with a phone call. Today, most start with a prospect using Google. These dramatic shifts can be seen through the whole sales process, but one constant is the importance of relationships.

Take a flip through our latest Slideshare to learn what everyone needs to know about how social selling can take your sales team from good to great.

21 May: Five Smart Reasons to Link Social Selling and Your CRM

Earlier this week, one of my many psychology newsletters subscriptions sent me an interesting article from the economist Garett Jones of George Mason University on “National IQ and National Productivity,” which essentially shows that a nation’s intelligence level is associated with a number of important economic outcomes. In a nutshell, the article essentially showed that nations with smarter people are the nations that rule the world.

This idea might seem obvious to you, but it isn’t to most managers or sales teams. One might say, “Of course, I’d love to have a smarter team but I have to deal with…


14 May: How The Best Sales People Are Preparing For The Future

A few months ago, I came across Huvr, a hoverboard that would change the way we transport ourselves from one location to the next. The hoverboard was promoted and backed by everyone from Mark Cuban to Terrell Owens. It was written about by almost every technology blog on the web and was the most talked about product on Facebook and Twitter for an entire day.

I was ready to pull out the credit card and make the purchase. I was ready to unleash my inner Marty McFly. That is, until the hype died down and it was announced that…