07 Jun: Data Enrichment Services: Going Beyond Traditional Email Signature Scraping to Drive 3X Relationships Into CRM

CRM users spend an average of 5.5 hours each week creating and updating contacts in their system. But even after spending all of that time in CRM, the data shows that those contacts are inaccurate, incomplete, or duplicated. In fact:

88% of CRM users admit to entering incomplete contact information 69% of people have out of date CRM data 63% have duplicate contacts in their CRM

All of this adds up to a CRM system that is bogged down with poor data. In an effort to acquire complete contact records and regularly create CRM contacts, many organizations turn to email…


20 Mar: CRM vs. Marketing Automation: Do You Really Need Both?

In today’s modern selling landscape, there are a number of tools out in the marketplace that claim to improve your sales and marketing effectiveness. The two most popular technology investments for sales and marketing funnel management include CRM and marketing automation software.

While the names alone imply inherent differences, more and more CRM and marketing automation solutions are adopting a holistic approach, offering tools for both sales and marketing teams. If you’re like many executives out there, this has you wondering if you really need both tools or if you can save budget by only investing in one or the…


08 Feb: Solving 3 Common CRM Problems with CloudKettle’s Jon McGinley

According to Capterra, 65% of businesses adopt a CRM system within their first five years. But just because most businesses have one, doesn’t mean they use it. In fact, 22% of salespeople don’t know what a CRM is and 40% still use spreadsheets and other informal methods to record client data.

Considering that CRMs have been found by Salesforce to boost productivity, improve sales forecasting accuracy, and grow sales, it’s a shame that it isn’t more widely used across businesses. So, with all of those benefits, why aren’t more salespeople regular users of CRM systems?

As an expert in…


12 Jan: 5 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Firm’s Business Development

Every year we have the chance to start fresh and improve our lives from the year before. It’s why you see so many health and fitness advertisements leading up to and past New Year’s Day. We create resolutions — a firm decision to do or not do something — for self-improvement.

This opportunity for self-improvement and goal setting doesn’t just apply to individuals, though. Businesses can also seize the opportunity, motivating their teams to reach higher goals than ever before. And in an area like business development, these resolutions can mean big business results.

If your business development team is…


04 Jan: 4 Reasons Why Your Firm Can Fly High With Account-Based Marketing

As a professional services firm, marketing can sometimes take the back seat to servicing your clients. At the end of the day, it’s those clients that are keeping you in business. But when you start to look at expanding your firm and taking it to the next level, marketing and business development are the natural first places to turn to.

In looking to form or recalibrate your marketing strategy, knowing your firm’s audience is usually the first step. Understanding who you are talking to and how you can help them, helps you create marketing touchpoints for the entire buyer journey….


31 Oct: 6 Law Firm Marketing Tactics You Need to Fuel Growth in 2018

With 2018 just around the corner, it’s time to take stock of your law firm’s performance and assess your needs going forward into the new year. Are you going to meet your firm’s business development goals? Or is it going to be battle for market share? In today’s digital landscape, it can feel like more of a toss-up than ever.

So how can you set your law firm up for business development success in 2018?

We have you covered with six law firm marketing tactics that will take your firm to new heights. Check them out below.

1. Content Marketing…


21 Sep: The Biggest Disruptors Are Those That Are Customer Centric

Each day in sales and marketing news, it seems like there’s a new article on technology and disruption. It’s the claim of these articles that technological innovation has disrupted yet another entrenched, dominant corporation’s majority share of the marketplace. The most common technology disruptors included in the lists are Netflix, Uber, Amazon, and others like them.

But is technology really the cause for the downfall of major companies? We don’t think so.

While technology is certainly a huge component, the true disruption to businesses is not investing enough time or resources in improving the customer experience. Not being customer centric…


22 Jun: Law Firm Professional Development Advice from Dr. Sharon Meit Abrahams: 5 Secrets to Engage Partners in Business Development

When sales cycles in the legal profession can be as long as five years, it can be challenging to convince partners to participate in business development. But that’s no excuse to let this important activity slide, says Dr. Sharon Meit Abrahams, PhD, Director of Professional Development/Diversity & Inclusion, Foley & Lardner, and author of 100 Plus Pointers for the New Partner. Any law firm that wants to prosper in the midst of unprecedented challenges in today’s legal environment must make sure their partners take an active role in business development.

Here are Dr. Abrahams thoughts on these issues and her…


24 Apr: Brent Leary Shares How CRM Evolution is Blazing Industry Trails

Hundreds of professionals who want to stay on top of the latest innovations to engage their customers will be descending upon Washington, D.C., to attend CRM Evolution, April 24 – 27. Among them will be Brent Leary, Partner, CRM Essentials.

Brent will be leading panels and presenting throughout the conference. This includes a discussion about artificial intelligence (AI) with executives from SalesForce, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and Lithium Technologies and a presentation on how virtual companions, like Amazon Echo, will change customer engagement forever.

“Attendees will be hearing a lot about AI and deep learning and how that is taking over the heart…


17 Apr: 3 Important Questions to Ask to Make Sure Your CRM is Earning Its Keep

In today’s competitive marketplace, having a database of customer names, contact information, and purchase history isn’t enough. Sure, you may be able to sleep easier knowing your CRM collects the information you need to support and monitor client relationships, but is this enough to ensure your CRM is earning its keep? Are you certain, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your client-facing professionals are using your CRM to advance client relationships?

Ask yourself:

1. Could there be gaps and errors in my CRM data?  That’s likely if your client-facing professionals are required to manually update the CRM with information…